In Layman's Terms


Professional "tools" that may be used during treatment


Diamond-Tip Microderm or Non-Suction Dermafile

A highly effective, non-invasive method that gently abrades the skin to rid of the damaged surface layer, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. Texture and pore size are greatly reduced.


Epidermal Leveling 

Thoughtful and intricate scraping reveals fresh skin and aids in product penetration and cellular rejuvenation. Scalpel also removes facial hair for a double dose of smooth skin. Nose and neck cannot be Dermaplaned.


Acid Lift (Chemical Peel)

Superhero Acids (typically Glycolic and Lactic) resurface and rejuvenate for a lifted, clearer, firmer complexion.  Acid Lifts retrain the skin over time and help improve collagen production. "Chemical Peel" is an archaic term since Peeling does not always occur. Microflaking is just a mere side effect and does not dictate results. Bottom line: whether you peel or don't peel, the acids still did their job. Skin Analysis determines which acid will be used.


Enzyme Infusion 

Fruit enzymes and acids revive the skin and gently exfoliate while improving skin condition to lighten, brighten and tighten. Steam may also be used but most enzymes' effectiveness is amplified when simply pairing with a resurfacing technique. A milder alternative to the Chem Peel. 


Ultrasonic Infusion with Vibration 

Ultrasound Frequency gently stimulates underlying tissue to increase skin's energy, firm and tone while aiding in product penetration. Used during the masking portion of treatment, Ultrasound also helps penetrate nurturing topicals.


LED Therapy 

Pioneered by NASA to heal wounds and treat cancer patients, LED light waves penetrate the skin to heal and build collagen in the same way plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into plant tissue. Colour chosen is based on condition.